Loan Applications

Lines of Credit

Imagine having instant access to additional funds when you need it most. An SCU line of credit is ideal for short-term borrowing and overdraft protection. When your chequing balance falls below zero, additional withdrawals are taken from the line of credit. Subsequent deposits pay off the line of credit until the balance is back above zero.

Features include:

  • Lower interest rate than credit cards
  • Unbeatable convenience – apply once, then use whenever you need
  • Only pay for what you use, as interest is calculated on the daily outstanding balance and charged at month’s end
  • Positive balances earn interest at the chequing rate


Desgined for members who would like to apply for a loan online and need to borrow $35,000 or less. Our e-Loan offers a seamless online approval process and flexible repayment options. 

Please note the e-Loan is available to Manitoba residents only. 

Features include:

  • Online application and approval
  • Flexible repayment options with no re-payment penalities
  • Additional disablity, life and critical illness insurance is available for qualifying borrowers
  • Choose from a 1 to 6-year term

Personal Loans

No matter what your project may be, we can arrange a personal loan to meet your needs. Simply put, we offer a wide range of the best possible consumer loan options in the marketplace today. And all our loans are designed so you can pay them off as quickly and easily as possible. With competitive lending rates and the most flexible payment options, it pays to finance your borrowing needs with SCU.

Features include:

  • Competitive variable rates and flexible terms
  • Various payment options available: weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.
  • Prepayment or extra payments may be made any time at no extra charge


Whether you’re fixing up where you live, buying an existing home, or building a new one, you'll feel right at home with an SCU mortgage. With competitive rates and the most flexible payment options and insurance coverage to give you extra peace of mind, it pays to finance your home with us.

Simply put, we offer our members a wide range of the best possible mortgage benefits and options in the marketplace today; all designed to be paid off as quickly and easily as possible.

  • Highly competitive 1 to 5 year fixed term rates
  • Variable rate, open and closed mortgages with highly flexible payment options
  • Rural property financing
  • Cottage financing
  • Land only financing
  • Detailed, monthly statements that keep you informed of your mortgage balance
  • Financing for custom or self-built homes